According to the laws of the universe, under the reign of the universal consciousness.

This site is a bearer of the egregore that constitutes the energy and the collective thought of all the shandarians brings together under the reality and the principles of Shandaria.

It is especially intended for initiates (Shandarians and members of the Brotherhood), but also convergent non-initiates (non-shandarians) who are accorded with our memory and collective energy on the subtle and invisible planes of the cosmos. aims to infuse and diffuse our reality as well as the reliance of the life forces with our consciousness, thought and energy. In this perspective, this site exposes the cosmology, the lifestyle as well as the shandarian culture allowing this diffusion and reliance. But also offers knowledge, tools and techniques to understand the mysteries of the cosmos and self-realization in a private area accessible only by a login and password. The registration is free, but it requires before the passage of an online test of conscience and logic to qualify the visitor.

The information, text, images, videos and audios presented on the site are available for information and education only.

The content published on the website is in compliance with the legislation of Cyprus and the European Union. It contains no hate speech, no insult, defamation or discrimination against any person or community, no apology or incitement to any crime or offense. Some concepts and practices on may be immoral, but are not illegal. You acknowledge and agree to this provision mentioned above and you comply with it. If you choose to adhere to our consciousness, thought and energy, you participate in your own decision.

The information published on this site may shock some people. Do not continue to visit this site if its content challenge your beliefs and personal values. We will not apologize, we will not change and we will not disappear for our non-compliance with the belief systems and spiritual, philosophical and ideological values of some Internet users. There will be no discussions, no negotiations, no compromise on this issue.


There is only one Shandarism, only one Brotherhood founded by J. Shandar and following the Shandarian cosmology and lifestyle in their strict orthodoxies. There may, however, be some uninitiates (non-Shandarians) people and groups who self-proclaim themselves to be ours, completely unknown and therefore not recognized by the collective consciousness. Cosmology and Shandarian practice are highly complex. Their lack of knowledge, mastery and understanding by the uninitiates can result in endangering the person, sectarism, scams as well as illegal operations and activities. It is understood that neither, nor the Brotherhood, its members, employees and associates accept any responsibility in the interpretations, behaviors and activities of these people and groups uninitiated out of our control and acting on their own heads.






According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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