Good to know: The way of Shandarian is to accomplish our Moira through experience and knowledge of reality, but also through self-control, the logical mind and the use of the creative powers of thought according to the mindset and principles of Shandarism. It is a path of consciousness and vibratory energy and not a path of belief and submission through worship, prayer and worship. As a result, there is no need to pray or worship on the Shandarian way.

The way of Shandarian (Ο δρόμος του χανδαριανού) formerly called "the way of ascension" is the path used by the Shandarian to accomplish his Moira and thus be fully realized. In this sense, the way of the Shandarian is the path that leads from non-self-realization (Μη αυτοπραγμάτωση) characterized by blindness, ignorance, idiocy and helplessness to that of self-realization (Αυτοπραγμάτωση ) which is characterized by the opposite. That's to say: lucidity, erudition, intelligence, capacities and psi powers (telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.). The Shandarian way is the concrete application of the practice of Shandarism and constitutes a real lifestyle.

Note: The concepts of divinity and holiness do not exist in Shandarian thought. As a result, the state of self-realization is above all a state of mindfulness, knowledge and capacity in symbiosis with the cosmos and life in the universe. It is not a divine state, nor salvation or holiness.

Following the energy and the information of Shandarism, this progression from the state of non-realization to that of realization is progressively made through 3 degrees of consciousness which are the low consciousness (Χαμηλή συνείδηση), the medium consciousness (Μέση συνείδηση) and the high consciousness (Υψηλή συνείδηση) whose symbols are as follows:

Low Consciousness
Medium Consciousness
High Consciousness
Symbol of the Low Consciousness
Symbol of the Medium Consciousness
Symbol of the High consciousness

The 3 sides of the triangle represent the 3 aspects of the mind (energy, thought and consciousness) Emotion being here a frequency of energy, the latter is included in it. The circle represents the degree of consciousness acquired. When one goes from one level of consciousness to another, the degree of consciousness widens. This expansion is then symbolized by an additional circle.

Enter on the way of Shandarian

Entering the way of Shandarian and then progressing from one level of consciousness to another requires the passage of doors. These doors are embodied by an initiation ceremony called the threshold (Kατώφλι). Called this because the Shandarian really passes a threshold of consciousness moving him from one vibratory state to another. In other words, it raises his vibratory rate to initially pass from the state of non-shandarian to that of low consciousness. But also by the transfer of a part of cosmos' knowledge. Which will gradually be recalled to the memory of initiate on the way of shandarian. Otherwise said, instead of revealing to the initiate such and such thing, tell him that things are like this and not like that, he will live things through the experience of reality that will awaken in him the knowledge transmitted in memory with his intuitive understanding in a state of mindfulness. The Shandarian initiation ceremony is thus fundamental and essential here. For without it, there is no action possible on vibratory energy nor on the knowledge of the cosmos necessary for the transformation of a non-Shandarian into a Shandarian.

Click here to learn more about Shandarian initiation rites and ceremonies.

Progress and be realized on the way

Concretely, following the Shandarian way consists of performing the functions (Λ1,Λ2,Λ3 et Λ4) using the function matrix (Mλ) with the instruments (Iλ). The execution of these functions is repetitive. This repetition forms a cycle: the cycle of practice. At each cycle we learn something new that updates our memory and thus expands our field of consciousness and understanding of ourselves, others and the cosmos. This expansion then moves us step by step from one level of consciousness to another on the way of the Shandarian. It's through this progression that we accomplish our Moira. In other words, we accomplish what we have nested (incarnated) in this biological envelope. This evolution on the way is the process of self-realization in which our unrealized state of consciousness progresses to the state of realized consciousness.

The progression on the way of Shandarien is done by Gradient (Βαθμίδα). A gradient is a variation of magnitude indicating the degree of vibratory energy and lucidity between the initial state of consciousness and the state of terminal consciousness on the Shandarian way. There are 9 gradients grouped by level of consciousness. We find in this order:

Degree of Consciousness Gradient (B for Βαθμίδα)
Low Consciousness Β10, Β20 and Β30
Medium Consciousness B40, B50 and B60
High Consciousness B70, B80 and B90

Orthodoxy and heterodoxy

Progression on the way of Shandarian must be done in orthodoxy and not in the heterodoxy of shandarism. But what are we talking about here? Inspired by Greek and Russian orthodoxy, Shandarian orthodoxy consists of following the Shandarian way according to the mindset, codes and principles of Shandarism as they have been defined without any interpretation or personal arrangement. To do this, this orthodoxy is based on the principle of «strict observance». Strict observance is the attitude and behavior of strictly observing the mindset and principles of shandaria. Conversely, heterodoxy is the set of thoughts, energies and actions in non-compliance with codes and principles of Shandarism. It is important to follow this orthodox path of Shandarism so as not to distort or alter Shandarism as well as its effects and efficiencies on body and mind. The Shandarian practice is based on codes and principles that use the natural energetic and vibratory mechanisms of the universe. As soon as you don't follow these codes and principles, you stop using these same vibratory mechanisms and there, you dont progress anymore on the way of Shandarian. In this sense, orthodoxy preserves the integrity of the mind and practice. While heterodoxy destroys them by generating schisms that can lead to sectarian drift and abuses of all kinds.

Exit the way of Shandarian

If one can enter on the way of Shandarian, then its opposite is also possible! In this sense, Shandarism doesn't aim to retain or enslave its members, but to advance them in the accomplishment of their Moiras by its practice. For this purpose, there are two types of exit from the Shandarian rway which are the temporary exit and the terminal exit.

The temporary exit consists, as its name suggests, of temporarily leaving the Shandarian way. From there, the Shandarian becomes a passive consciousness because he/she is no longer active in the Shandarian collective consciousness. Some shandarians as passive consciousness may also be reservists who can be mobilized when needed. To become a passive consciousness, the Shandarian must be engaged in a rite in order to modify his/her vibratory field. This in order to dissociate him/her from the collective consciousness while still maintaining a channel, an energetic link.

The terminal exit consists - as its name suggests it - of definitively leaving the way of Shandarism. For this, there are 3 possible exit doors that are apostasy, ostracism and liberation.

    ➤ Apostasy (Αποστασία) comes from the Shandarian himself when he feels that the way he is following is no longer in harmony or in alignment with his consciousness and energy. The Shandarian law then requires him to leave Shandaria to preserve the energy of the collective, but also so that the latter can continue his evolution and his path. Do not be selfish or possessive ...

    ➤ Ostracism (Εξοστρακισμός) comes from collective consciousness when a shandarian is fired for serious misconduct. His vibratory energy is thus marked by the seal of ostracism so that he can never return to it.

    ➤ Liberation (Eλευθέρωση) comes when the consciousness on the astral plane (life after death) must definitively separate from the collective consciousness to go to other vibratory planes and thus continue its evolution.

Whether apostasy, ostracism or liberation, we reuse the same rite as in the temporary exit, but with the exception that we keep no energetic link. Which means that there is a total and definitive separation.

Important: The collective conscience and its shandarians must let the person go. Otherwise, it creates energy retentions on the vibratory plane that stagnate the circulation of the lifeforce. The result is this ends up rotting. The energetic and vibratory environment becomes toxic and unhealthy for everyone. Hence the interest of leaving the former Shandarian to leave in order to preserve the balance and good vibratory health of the collective consciousness.







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