What is Calling of Shandarism?

The calling of Shandarism (Η έφεση του Χανδαρισμού) also called the mermaids' song or Dance of the 4 spells is an invitation sent by our hostesses to a non-Shandarian to join our circle of Fraternity and sorority. This means that our decision to accept one or more newcomers to renew the cycle (and the circle) is made and that all Shandarians composing the Collective Consciousness (Συλλογική Συνείδηση) has chosen those who will pass the Threshold (initiation ceremony) to become one or one of us.

After responding to the invitation, newcomer shall begin an initiatic jouney in which the latter pass a threshold of consciousness to enter in the low consciousness level. From there, he,she will follow the way of Shandarian and acquire knowledge of cosmos as well as development of psi abilities.

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