Entering the circle implies that one is shandarian. A non-Shandarian can not be a member of our circle. In this way, becoming a Shandarian becomes a full member of our society. There are 3 possible ways to become Shandarian and thus enter the circle.

The first way is the initiation (Μύηση)

A non-Shandarian is found, selected and then coopted to pass the Katófli (Κατώφλι), (initiation or Threshold) according to the needs of our collective consciousness and what he or she can bring to the latter. He/she is then invited to come to pass his/her initiation through a process called the Calling of Shandarism.

The second way is the alliance (Συμμαχία)

If there is alliance, that's to say a marriage between Shandarian and non-Shandarian, the husband or wife becomes a « Shandarian by alliance ». Shandarians by marriage are not subject to the same obligations as initiated Shandarians or birth shandarians. However, he or she will lose his/her status of Shandarian by marriage in case of divorce, but will keep it if there is widowhood.

The third way is the heritage (Κληρονομία)

If one of the 2 parents is Shandarian at the time of conception of a child, the latter becomes systematically a « Shandarian of birth » . In other words, he inherits the Shandarian identity and the right of entry into the circle from his parents. However, the latter can "take his inheritance" and enter the circle on the day of his/her 21st birthday.

Unsolicited applications

We are generally suspicious when we receive unsolicited applications from people who are totally foreign to us. Because even if it can be sincere and from a good feeling without a second thought, the majority of the requests received comes from dubious people. Journalists looking for a target to demolish, people sent by a competing organization, anti-shandarians wanting to create problems or people eager for power and glory, seeing in our knowledge and technology the way the reach their goals. All this means that unsolicited applications are systematically considered as suspicious and require a thorough investigation about the applicant This is why we prefer to search for, find and contact our future members rather than receiving unsolicited applications from strangers.






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