One can not be Shandarian without being initiated

It is illusory to believe that one can become a member of the circle and be a Shandarian without having passed the initiation ceremony. This obligatory passage is called Katófli (Κατώφλι), but one can also say the Parog (Порог) in Russian or the Threshold in English. Called this way because this ceremony is truly a threshold of consciousness that the non-Shandarian passes to be transformed into Shandarian. Where the non-initiate becomes an initiate. One can not become a true Shandarian and a member of this closed circle that constitutes the Brotherhood after having passed this initiation ceremony. This is what differentiates a true Shandarian from a false shandarian. We have had in the past some non-Shandarians who had self-proclaimed "Shandarians" alone in their corners. Except that these people will never be recognized as such by our collective conscience. As long as they do not cause us any problems, we close our eyes.

The Threshold

The newcomer enters an altered state of consciousness to come into contact and explore another dimension and reality: Shandaria (Χανδαρια). Where he or she will make a transcendental experience that will transform his/her consciousness and make him/her a real and genuine Shandarian. But this experience of consciousness will also open the doors of mind for the manifestation of psi abilities. Which will be later trained, developed and mastered by Shandarian practice. At the end of his initiation, the new Shandarian will be covered with the Rómpa or black dress (Μαύρο ρόμπα) of the low consciousness for after pronounced the oath of allegiance (Υπόσχεση της Υποταγής).

The initiation ceremony is conducted by women who are called hostesses (Δέσποινα). In Shandarism, hostesses are the equivalent of the vestals of antiquity. There is not one single threshold, but several. In this perspective, the threshold effectively allows entry into shandarism and its circle of fraternity. But it is also the rite of passage making the entrance door between the low consciousness and the medium consciousness. Then from the medium consciousness to the high consciousness.

What does it really happen during the Threshold?

What's really happen during the initiation is part of the secret of initiation. However, initiates reported seeing a great light, white butterflies stolen, felt a mild summer heat, heard a koshi chime sound, as well as a smell of lavender or pine. Or again an odor more fruity such as apricot. It is also said that the threshold takes the form of a dissociation followed by an Out of Body Experience (OBE) with the encounter of energetic entities that were also shandarians. From one initiate to another, this initiatic experience was different. But no matter form of reality that initiation takes, it always leads to another state of vibration and consciousness making the non-shandarian, a shandarian.

After the Threshold

After passing the initial threshold, the Shandarian will be taken in hand by the circle for his/her psychic culture and education as well as his/her training to develop psi abilities. But also to let him know the rules of Fraternity and collective Consciousness. Then as he/she progresses, he or she will pass the gradients to reach the level of medium consciousness and much later, the level of high consciousness. Where it will finally be revealed the secret Shandarism (Το μυστικό του Χανδαρισμού).

Welcoming envelope

It is customary and tradition to give the new brothers and sisters of our circle an envelope containing money as a welcome gift. The exact amount of envelope is kept secret. This money is also a reward for have crossed the threshold and joined the collective consciousness and its circle. New brothers and sisters can dispose of this envelope as they wish without any restriction.

Note about hazing: Hazing is not practiced and strictly prohibited in Shandarism.

It's not by the humiliation, mistreatment and debasement of newcomers with debilities worthy of retarded students that we will help them to integrate the circle.






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