Good to know: It is usually said that a Buddhist is a follower of Buddhism, a Muslim is a follower of Islam, a Scientologist is a follower of the Church of Scientology, etc., etc. In the same way one could say that the Shandarian is a member of Shandarism. But the reality is more complex than that. As a result, the definition given to a Shandarian is a little more sophisticated, taking into account the psychic, energetic and biological dimensions.

So we define today a Shandarian like:

A conscious memory and life-energy connected and diffused in the Shandarian collective consciousness/egregor and projected into a human biological envelope (HBE). This energy originally belonging to Universal Consciousness becomes, after initiation or nidation (reincarnation), a projection of the Shandarian collective consciousness. As for its carnal envelope he/she becomes a unit of the Shandarian Biological Collective commonly called “Fraternity” and “Sorority”.

Individuality being an illusion linked to a lack of lucidity and clairvoyance of man, it is here a single consciousness (the collective consciousness) projected in several human biological envelopes expressing itself under different unitary personalities. The Shandarian is the product and result on this plane of physical reality. Where the shandarian motto: “ One consciousness, one thought, one energy ” makes sense.

We agree that such writings may shock non-shandarians attached to their illusions to be full-fledged individuals and their humanistic beliefs and values. It may also sound like science fiction and scare some people because out of their levels of consciouness, knowledge and understanding of the reality. But we must not forget that Shandarism is beyond humano-human standards and thoughts. Shandarism today is much closer to the alien mind visiting this planet than humans. So, it should not be surprising to have this type of reasoning completely foreign to the traditional view of man.

What Shandarians are: What Shandarians are not:
-Searcher and Experiencers
-Philosophers and artists

No misogyny or misandry is tolerated

A Shandarian is a consciousness that can be projected into a male or female Human Biological Envelope (HBE) according to the needs related to the accomplishment of his/her Moira as well as the needs of the collective conscience. Misogyny and misandria constitute psychological and energetic barriers blocking the application of the answers given to these needs. So, these moods, attitudes and behaviors are not tolerated by Shandarians.

Thus, Shandarism forbids in its collective consciousness and memory all thoughts and ideologies based on and/or resulting in anti-male feminism and anti-female masculinism.

No ethnic distinction or geographical limitation

A Shandarian is a consciousness that can be projected into the human biological envelope belonging to a Caucasian, Slavic, Nordic, African, Maghrebi, Semitic (Near and Middle East), Asiatic, West Indian, Latin or even Metis genetic group. Classic racism such as anti-white or anti-extraterrestrial racism has no place among Shandarians. Skin color or ethnicity does not matter in Shandarian thought, because the biological envelope is only an instrument of consciousness used to communicate, act and interact on this plane of reality. On the other hand, what is important is that the carnal envelope remains clean, in good health and that it is not carrier of infectious disease that can contaminate other envelopes.

No genetic or dimensional barriers

A Shandarian can be a projected consciousness in the biological envelope that is:

  • Human (Male or female)
  • Transgenic Human (Humans Modified by the Eugenic/Transhumanist Way)
  • Hybrid (Mixed between human and extraterrestrial)
  • Extraterrestrial (Gray, Reptilian, insectoid, tall blond, etc.)
  • Extra Dimensional (Life-form from Other Space-Times and Dimensions)

No distinction on sexual orientation

Shandarism is basically heterosexual (Stellar sexuality with the union of masculine and feminine cosmic). However, it also tolerates male and female homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender people and asexualism (the absence of sexual life). All that is required is to protect against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

No distinctive sign of belonging

The Shandarian or Shandarian woman bears no sign of belonging to Shandarism. He/she does not wear a pagri (turban), purdah (veil), tattoo or specific piercing. No hairdressing, jewelry or any particular style of dress. He or she looks like sir and madam everyone. Only his/her vibratory frequency, degree of lucidity, knowledge, logical mind and psi ability distinguish him/her from a non-Shandarian.






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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